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The Web Summit, the Dream, the Community, and the nine...

Here we are for a new update.  Coming up with a great idea is hard. Launching a startup is even harder. Launching an innovative startup is a mission. Launching a disruptive startup is a fight to the death.  You will swing from a state of euphoria to deep depression.  Each day that passes without a […]

[Audible] Signals #1 – Facebook, Google,...

Signals, the Viral Octopus News. Digging the digital world. Facebook, Google, and Linkedin roll out new features for users and advertisers, Bezos & Draper get with aerospace companies and aim for the moon, and Nir Eyal teaches you to choose where you focus your attention in Indistractible. [LectiosVoice] Week in review. Digital News Facebook Ads […]

Buyer personas do not exist: how to find the right...

In the daily battle of every marketing (or Digital Marketing) consultant/manager there always comes the time when it is necessary to deal with the definition of the target of a company or a specific product. At one time we used to talk simply about target audiences, today things have become a bit complicated and the […]

Strategic planning: what are the differences between...

When we talk about strategic marketing planning, often – even among the experts –, there is confusion about some basic concepts. It may seem trivial, but knowing how to distinguish between a strategy, a tactic or a technique is essential to avoid falling into cheap errors that can compromise the quality of your advice and the […]

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